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Meaning of the name Aidan

Aidan \a(i)-dan\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Aidan), is pronounced AY-den. It is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Aidan is "fire". Anglicized form of the ancient Gaelic name Aedan, a pet form of Aed. Name of a bishop of Ferns (seventh century) who was noted for his kindness and generosity. Saint Aidan (Ireland, seventh century) established the monastery of Lindisfarne, one of the great centers of learning of its time. Aiden is a popular modern form of the name. Actor Aidan Quinn.

Aidan has 11 variant forms: Aedan, Aidano, Aiden, Aidyn, Aydan, Ayden, Aydin, Edan, Eden, Eidan and Eiden.

For more information, see also related names Aodh and Coy.

Baby names that sound like Aidan are Adan and Aitan.

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