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Meaning of the name Boston

Boston \b(o)-ston, bos-ton\ as a boy's name is of Middle English origin. Place name. May possibly mean "town by the woods". American use likely refers to the historic city on the Atlantic that is home to many institutions of higher learning.

Baby names that sound like Boston are Bastien and Poseidon. Other similar baby names are Bolton, Aston, Bordon, Barton, Belton, Benton, Berton, Burton, Boltin, Bolten, Bollton, Boynton, Briton, Breton, Button, Buxton, Deston, Duston, Easton, Eston, Gaston, Houston, Huston, Jeston, Mostyn, Riston, Rosston, Royston, Ruston and Weston.

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