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Louis \louis\ as a boy's name is pronounced LOO-iss, loo-WEE. It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Louis is "famous warrior". A name used by 18 French kings and numerous saints. The German form is Ludwig; a Latin version is Clovis, which was borne by a German tribal leader who ended the Roman domination of what is now France and made himself king. Musician Louis Armstrong; scientist Louis Pasteur; authors Louis L'Amour; Robert Louis Stevenson; actor Lou Gossett, Jr.

Louis has 16 variant forms: Aloysius, Lew, Lewes, Lewis, Lodewick, Lodovico, Lou, Louie, Lucho, Ludovic, Ludovicus, Ludvig, Ludvik, Ludwig, Luigi and Luis.

For more information, see also related names Elois and Loring.

Baby names that sound like Louis are Luiz, Lacie, Les, Licio, Luce and Lucio.

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