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Adele \a-de-le\ as a girl's name is a variant of Adela (Old German), Adelaide (Old German) and Adelinde (Old German), and the meaning of Adele is "noble; noble kind; noble, soft, tender". See also Ada, Adelie, Akela and Odele.

The baby name Adele sounds like Adel, Adelle, Adell, Adelei and Udele. Other similar baby names are Adene, Abelle, Adie, Adey, Ade, Addie, Adare, Adala, Adalie, Adali, Adalee, Adal, Edelle, Adella, Adelia, Adelyn, Adelis, Adelice, Adeline, Adelade, Adde, Edelie, Adelfa, Adena, Adeola, Adola, Adila, Adine, Adeen, Adore, Adrie, Aidee, Aden, Alle, Amel, Amelie, Anela, Anelie, Apple, Ardelle, Ardell, Aedelle, Arelle, Arela, Ariele, Asela, Ashle, Audene, Arely, Arelie, Areli, Fidele, Idelle, Odelle, Odell, Odela, Udile, Odile and Udelle.

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