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Meaning of the name Aoife

Aoife \ao(i)-fe\ as a girl's name is pronounced EE-fya. It is of Scottish, Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Aoife is "beautiful, radiant". From "aoibh" meaning beauty. The name has also been associated with Esuvia, a Gaulish goddess, and was borne by several heroines in ancient Irish legend. Eva is the anglicized form.

For more information, see also the related name Eve.

Baby names that sound like Aoife are Aviah, Avia, Afiwa, Afia, Ave, Evie and Ivie. Other similar baby names are Adie, Aide, Agie, Aime, Aine, Alie, Amiee, Amie, Arie, Atifa and Avice.

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