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Candida \c(a)-ndi-da, can-dida\ as a girl's name is pronounced kan-DEE-dah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Candida is "white". From "candidus". The color was associated by Christians with purity and salvation. A Roman politician wore a special white toga to show he had these qualities, and hence the word "candidate" and "candid". Name of several early saints, including a woman supposedly cured by Saint Peter himself. However the name was hardly used in the English-speaking world until the 20th century. This may have been inspired by George Bernard Shaw's play "Candida" (1897), which was based on the name of the hero in Voltaire's 1759 novel "Candide", which is the French form. Candido is Spanish. Names which have the same meaning are Bianca and Blanche. "Candida" is also a clinical name for yeast infection. Journalist Candida Crewe.

Candida has 5 variant forms: Candi, Candide, Candido, Candie and Candy.

A baby name that sounds like Candida is Candita.

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