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Casse \c(as)-se\ as a girl's name is a variant of Casey (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Casse is "alert, watchful".

The baby name Casse sounds like Cassy, Cassie, Cayse, Cassye, Cassey, Cassee, Cass, Casie, Casee, Cassi and Kasse. Other similar baby names are Kassy, Casia, Casha, Cacie, Cadie, Cadee, Cade, Calie, Calee, Caresse, Carie, Caree, Cason, Kayse, Kasie, Kasee, Caysie, Caysi, Caysey, Caysee, Cayce, Casy, Casi, Casen, Cascy, Caisie, Caisi, Caisey, Caisee, Kassie, Kassi, Cas, Cassia, Kassey, Kass, Caye, Catie, Cathe, Cate, Cissie, Carisse, Chassy, Chassie, Chassey, Classie, Cosme, Dasie, Jesse, Catee, Lassie, Lassey, Raisse, Rosse, Cissy, Cissi, Cissey, Cissee, Tassie, Tassa and Taisse.

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