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Meaning of the name Cherie

Cherie \ch(e)-rie\ as a girl's name is pronounced sha-REE, SHER-ee. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Cherie is "dear, darling". Modern coinage from the French word "ch?e". Contemporary variants of Cherie follow the Sha- name pattern. See also Cha-.

Cherie has 29 variant forms: Charee, Cher, Chere, Cheree, Chereen, Chereena, Cherell, Cherelle, Cherena, Cheri, Cherina, Cherita, Cherree, Cherrelle, Cheryl, Cheyrie, Scherie, Sharay, Shary, Sheree, Shereen, Shereena, Sheria, Sherrelle, Sherrill, Sherry, Shery, Shiree and Shuree.

For more information, see also related names Cherida, Cherise and Cherry.

Baby names that sound like Cherie are Charie, Sherie, Cherye and Cherrie.

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