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Meaning of the name Joyce

Joyce \jo(y)-ce\ as a girl's name is pronounced joyce. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Joyce is "lord". From the Norman male name Josce or Josse, which is from Jodocus, a Latin form of a Breton name, Iodoc, borne by a seventh-century Breton saint. Used in the Middle Ages. Its use as a girl's name from the 16th century among Puritans suggests it have been associated with the vocabulary word "joy". Advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers; writer Joyce Carol Oates.

Joyce has 9 variant forms: Joice, Joyceanne, Joycelyn, Joycelynn, Joycie, Joyse, Joysel, Joyous and Loyce.

For more information, see also the related name Jocelyn.

Baby names that sound like Joyce are Jaycie, Jaycee, Joci, Josie and Josee.

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